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We work closely with Efficiency Maine and other organizations offering rebates and incentives for the successful implementation of qualifying energy improvements. With Efficiency Maine, we hold designations including Qualified Partner, Registered Vendor, and Multifamily Program Partner. We regularly review program guidelines and opportunities and stay in contact with program administrators. This allows our clients' projects to complete smoothly and for our clients to receive all incentive funding for which they are eligible.


Some of the Programs with Which We're Currently Active:



  • Home Energy Savings Program (HESP).  For buildings with 1-4 residential units.  Incentives up to $3,000 per building for heating and DHW upgrades, as well as insulation and air sealing improvements.


  • Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). For buildings with 1-4 units where at least one tenant meets income requirements.  Incentives for insulation and air sealing are available through this program from Efficiency Maine, CMP, and Unitil.  Incentives for converting existing boilers to high efficiency natural gas boilers are available from Summit Natural Gas.  Guidelines are available here:


  • Program not currently active – Multifamily Efficiency Program (MEP)(Prescriptive Path, Custom Path, & New Construction).  This program is for buildings with 5+ apt. units.​​  We anticipate the program will return shortly.










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