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We have found that, even with energy incentives and rebates available, the upfront capital investment can be challenging. So we are pleased to offer equipment leasing options to our clients.


We have been approved as a contractor by two energy leasing companies to represent them. These contacts give us the ability to help our clients structure an energy leasing plan that meets their budget and at the best rates. At the end of the lease, for a minimal payment, you will own the equipment.


Leases can be up to 6 years if desired. This will help minimize the monthly payment. We seek to structure a lease where the anticipated energy savings will help in making the lease payment.


In addition, there are some tax benefits to a lease to own package. We will work with you, your accountant, or financial advisor to create a lease arrangement that will benefit you in achieving energy savings as well as tax savings.


We offer leasing for heat pumps, high efficiency boilers, hot water heaters, and more.

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