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Due Dilligence


While energy retrofits can be excellent investments, it is essential to ensure that you:


  1. Accept, and only accept, best-practice workscopes;

  2. Pay no more than is necessary;  

  3. Guarantee return on investment;

  4. Get exactly the improvement implementation promised and which you paid for. 


We regularly assist single family homeowners up through managers of large multifamily and commercial portfolios select contractors, assess proposals, and ensure projects stay on time and on budget.


And if you are just considering purchasing a property, we're also happy to help you assess its existing energy efficiency and potential for improvement.  Energy costs are a significant factor in determining the anticipated profitability of a purchase.  It's important to get the details right.  Because we have no financial interest in the outcome of the purchase, we bring an objective, professional third party opinion to the transaction.





Design: We design best-practice workscopes for you.

Bid: We bid them out to at least three contractors (per energy improvement trade).

Build: We inspect implemented measures before final payment is made.


Our design means that only the most cost-effective measures will be included and they'll be optimized to achieve best practice.  


For a free consult, just give us a call: (207) 632-8112.

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