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Is Your Farm an Energy Pig?


15% of agricultural costs are energy related according to the USDA. Where do you start to increase the efficiency of your farm? We can help you.


Regardless of what you produce, there are some common elements on all farms that can be assessed in reducing your energy output.


We like to start with a simple approach and work up from there. Where is the “low hanging fruit” that will cost the least to replace and offer the greatest return for the investment? We would suggest an energy assessment, which we do at a nominal fee to ascertain if there are energy savings opportunities on your farm. If it makes sense to do a formal energy management plan (audit) the assessment fee will be applied toward the audit fee.


Initially we focus on the following:

  • Lighting – Recent technical improvements in lighting can generate savings that will offer a fast payback. Specialized agricultural lighting has now become available to improve yields as well.

  • HVAC upgrades

  • Insulation for gaps in the building structure.

  • Installing motors with variable frequency drives.

  • Refrigeration – Upgrades to making the existing system more energy efficient.



Financial Resources:

  • We are knowledgeable in what financial assistance is specifically available for agricultural related energy improvements.

  • We have generated over $1.9 million in energy rebates from Efficiency Maine for our clients.

  • We are a registered technical services representative with the Natural Resources Conservation Services.

  • We are familiar with Rural Development’s REAP program and have worked with this agency for years.



Give us a free consultation call. We would be happy help you save money.

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