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At Energy Audits Ltd., our primary challenge on a day-to-day basis is to gather and analyze building audit data, and to transform our findings into actionable, reliable energy and cost reduction plans.  


Success in this endeavor, however, would be fleeting if we did not also regularly work to synthesize new building science research and emerging energy efficiency technologies into our protocols and service offerings.  


Stated plainly, energy efficiency is a very dynamic industry and there is always more to learn.


Because of this, we strive to maintain a work environment which emphasizes, above all else: collaboration (especially cross-specialty); regular improvement upon building science knowledge and skills; dilligence in project research, design, and implementation; and the highest standards of professionalism, in relation to each other and to our valued clients.


Energy Audits Ltd. is always interested in speaking with building science professionals and aspiring professionals.  To submit a resume or proposal, please email us at  


Energy Audits Ltd. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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